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Friday, June 11, 2010

Our new grill!

Weber.  I love them!

We have the little Smokey Joe from Weber that we take to all of our disc dog competitions, camping, picnics, etc.  But we only had a gas grill at home.  It was a gift from my mom and her husband 4 years ago for our housewarming party, since we were having a BBQ - but had no grill my mom pulled through for us.  It is a great little grill, but it is on the smaller side and let's face it, to really grill-one needs charcoal.  So for our wedding we registered for this bad boy.  And my dad bought it for us!  (Well, let's face it, it's for Jeff-the grill master.)

I love food grilled with charcoal.  I'm so excited to have this new grill finally put together.  We kept it in the box all winter long since we didn't have a cover yet and didn't want to expose it to the winter conditions here.  Once summer hit-that grill was built!  The first item up?  Boneless ribs. :)

Please excuse the fact that we are drinking Twisted Tea.... That's not normally our style. ;-)

We will still be keeping our trusty gas grill, for the days that waiting for the charcoal to heat up just isn't an option.  IE: Amy is hungry and therefore grumpy....must eat food NOW to make Jeff's life better.  But I am so excited to have this new grill.  On the menu soon....spare ribs.  3 racks of them.  And they will all fit in this grill!  Oh this is happening and I can't wait.

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